Nos Ta Canta

by William Anthony

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On the initiative of Asociacion di Maestronan "Don Bosco" in Curaçao, supported by the Education Inspectorate, is the song book with the title "Nos ta Canta" published in 1962. The songs in the book are (with some exceptions) of the people and children on the islands. They were played and sung for many years. Some are originally from South America or Netherlands. But we have sing them so often and consider them as ours. We also have take up in the book, with their permission, songs from Antillean composers and authors. With pleasure we have worked to this collection and our goal is reached when we can hear the songs at school and on the street. The editors: Sonia de Castro, Frère Alexius and W. Kamps.


released January 1, 2007



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William Anthony Netherlands

William Anthony sings songs in Papiamento written by leading Antillian composers of years past. Songs that until now were unknown and never been recorded and songs that have fallen into oblivion. They are now modified with fresh sound. ... more

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Track Name: Fiesta den Cura
Fiesta den Cura (2:29)
Lyrics : H. Booi
Music : R. Wever/P. Lampe
ISRC : NLB510710001
Un dia ta'tin un fiesta
Den mondi tra'i Ponton
Dies dori a form'un orkesta
I balia cum'sa bon
Cabritunan tur cu baca
Ta zoja den cura
Un yeye cu'n kakalaka
Ta salta bon pura

Totekkinan ku yuwana
Ta sinja core wals
Un pushi cu yen di gana
Ta sinta kou su bals
Den esey ela bula lanta
I a cum'sa sapatia
Cachonan cu tambe a spanta
A core bai gatia

Dori ta pita, yeye ta grita
Baca ta balia cha cha cha
Pushi ta yora, djaka ta lora
Porco ta grunja Ho.

Orkesta a para ketu
Buricu a halsa bos
Un porco cu rabu pretu
A grunja un kos mahos
Shon porco ke un guaracha
Cha Baca un tumba bon
Buricu ke tende un marcha
I pushi ke un danson

Repeat refr. 2x

Nan tur a cuminsa pleita
Dal otro benta abow
Un djaka ku a para weita
A spanta te cai flauw
Un baca bisti cu pechi
A jega arma ku'n klop
A pone tur sinta nechi
I balia a sigi sin stop

Track Name: Riba Awa
Riba Awa (3:44)
Lyrics : Pater St. van de Pavert
Music : Jacobo Palm
ISRC : NLB510710002

Dushi luna, bo ta sigi
Camna den bo briyo klá
Ningun nubia ta strobabo
I mi só por anhélá

Den mi alma tin un duele
Di no por manera bo
Sigui largu mi careda
Sigui bula, bula só


Dushi luna, ai, mi duele
Ta bo so lo por tendé
Bo n’ta papia, bo n’ta reda
Na bo só mi por splik’é

Den mi alma bo ta mira
Briy’un lágrima skondí
Ai mi suerte, ai ta tristu
Curason ta oprimí

Den mi alma bo ta mira
Briy’un lágrima skondí
Ai mi suerte, ai ta tristu
Curason ta oprimí